A study was done by insurify that looked at the United States with the most DUIs based on 1.6 million auto insurance applications. Northern states made a high level of top ranking states with no states South of Colorado breaking the top 10. These states are contiguous making the mid northern region the country’s DUI territory according to this study.

Fewer people make more DUI hazards on the road. The states that have the most DUIs were also some of the least populated. Less than 9% of the total United States population live in these states. Many of these states also tend to have less public transportation as an alternative method for transportation.

According to the data from Insurify’s team the found a relationship between rates of DUI, excessive drinking and alcohol related traffic deaths. As adults drink more, DUIs increase and drinking and driving deaths rise along with them.

States that to be the highest in the study from highest to lowest include: North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado.

Utah and California show higher rates of drivers with DUI but are not listed in the top 10 states. Alaska was omitted from the analysis due to insufficient data. The report also include data from the CDC on state-level excessive drinking and traffic related fatalities

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