A legislator in Utah is working on plans to introduce a bill that makes drivers presumptively impaired when they exceed certain THC blood levels. State Rep Steve Waldrip states they are “treating marijuana intoxication as a lesser offense then alcohol intoxication” because it is stated that THC blood levels unlike alcohol blood levels, are not a good indicator of impairment.

Under current Utah law driving with any controlled substance or metabolite controlled substance in your blood is considered a Class B misdemeanor and may be publishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. If a crash results in serious injury or death the offense becomes a felony. The charge requires evidence of impairment beyond blood test results. This is a requirement Waldrin wants to remove. 

For this standard there is no scientific basis because THC blood levels do not reliably correspond with degrees of impairment, as the National Highway Safety Administration has stated in the following article.

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