The rate of Utah’s alcohol consumption has been increasing since 1996 which has been attributed to the draw to live in the state of Utah because of its strong economy and booming tourism industry. There is a higher demand for alcohol and tax revenue but as Daily Utah Chronicle states it comes as a considerable cost to Utahns.

Some statistics related to alcohol consumption rates for the state of Utah are that consumption has increased by 37%, and deaths caused from DUI’s and higher consumption have reached an all time high of 33,200 deaths reported in 2015 according to report by Trust for America’s Health.

Due to these increases one legislation change that has happened is lowering the DUI legal limit in Utah to .05%. Due to this the possibility of getting a DUI has increased. With voluntary devices offered by A1 Interlock and Skyfine USA you can test your limits before you drive. This helps eliminate possible DUI’s and possible accidents caused by alcohol consumption. If you are looking for breathalyzers or ignition interlock devices give us a call today at (385) 246-4179. Ask about our current offers.

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