Drive Sober During the Holidays or Face Getting Pulled Over – Utah Troopers Made 14 Arrests on Halloween.

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For 2019 Salt Lake City Utah troopers made 14 DUI arrests on Halloween. Troopers worked more than 230 extra shifts on Halloween to deter impaired driving. From 8 P.M. to 5 A.M. troopers made 14 arrests sais UHP Sgt. Nick Street. They also investigated six crashes. No injuries from these crashes were considered life-threatening. Many major [...]

Several Utah Teens Injured in Suspected Drunk Driving Crash – Recovering in California Hospital

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In Anaheim California, several Utah teens were injured in a crash involving an alleged drunk driver in July. “It is a waiting game but we have gotten through the first 24 hours which were critical,” stated the GoFundMe post.  Anaheim Police said that the teens were hit by a 24-year-old from Anaheim who ran a red [...]

Sharp drop in alcohol-related crashes since .05 became law. Majority of DUI arrests above .08 alcohol limits.

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Salt Lake City, UT state department is reporting a high decline in alcohol-related crashes since a new law that sets the legal alcohol limit to .05 took effect. Numbers provided to Fox 13 news state that between January and March of this year 236 alcohol-related crashes and of those 3 were alcohol-related fatalities. The year prior [...]

Drunk Driver Hits Firefighter, Files False Solen Car Report

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Salt Lake City firefighter was hit by a drunk driver and is recovering after fire crews were dispatched to a fire alarm in Salt Lake City. The firefighter tried to stop the man trying to drive between the fire trucks and parked cars but officials say the suspect ignored the warning and continued to drive. The [...]

DUI Checkpoints in May 2019 for Utah

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Legal notices are put out from time to time from the State of Utah and from specific cities including Taylorsville from the Unified Police Department. The checkpoints are setup in hopes to reduce drunk driving. As the notice stated “UPD hopes Utah drivers will make safe, alternative plans to prevent impaired driving.” State law requires DUI [...]

DUI Law Changes in Idaho, Utah and California

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Interlock devices require that drivers blow into a breathalyzer to make sure they are sober before driving. A bill was passed in 2019 in Idaho that requires ignition interlock devices to be equipped with cameras to make sure it is the driver’s breath being tested rather then a passenger in the vehicle. This new law takes [...]

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